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CAPa centro de artes performativas do algarve

rua Frei Lourenço de Santa Maria nº 4 e 6

8000-352 Faro | Portugal

telefone/fax: (+351) 289 828 784

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residency program 2020

applications until May 3rd 2019

following the work we have been developing since 2001, a new application period for CAPa’s, Centre of Performing Arts of the Algarve (Faro, Portugal) Artistic Residency Program 2020 is now open, until the 3 rd of May 2019, year in wich DeVIR celebrates 25 years of activity.

CAPa develops an independent creator’s support residency programme, national and international.

This programme allows the artists / performers of different artistic areas to develop their projects, using the Centre’s facilities.

work space

studio 1
total area: 174 m2

105 m² wooden dance floor (air box)

audio system

studio 2
total area: 118 m2

em² wooden dance floor (air box)

audio system

total area: 233 m2

72m² stage (wooden air box)

residency area


15 beds (1 single | 4 doubles | 2 triples)



residency support – international artists

working space

promotion of the projects whenever the residency includes open rehearsal or pre-debut travel,


accommodation and health care coverage are taken care by the participants


mention DeVIR/CAPa’s residency support

insert DeVIR/CAPa’s logo in the project’s promotional material

possibility of open rehearsal or pre-debut, which depends on the development of the working process and on the interest of both parts