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23 February - 20 April | Galeria do Convento do Espírito Santo, Loulé | free admittance  

tuesday to friday | 13h00-19h30 | saturday | 09h30-16h00  

de(a)nunce AleixoTODAY are 10 artistic installations that focus on present hot topics, both local and international, that certainly would deserve the interest and attention of the poet António Aleixo, if he was still amongst us. In 2019 we commemorate the 120 th anniversary of his birth, reason more than enough for us to remember the men and the artist, and to celebrate his legacy through the light of our days and of what is happening in the world. To talk about his work is to reflect on our identity, one of the main objectives of this international festival. Like for him, it isn’t also enough for us to entertain and to please, we want to promote contemporary visions on pertinent themes, that will contribute for a better understanding of our reality.

design and artistic direction: José Laginha
set up and production assistant: Marco Martins

José Laginha dancer and designer, did the National Society of Fine Arts drawing course and attended architecture. He has choreographed and presented 16 creations.
He was responsible for the opening of Loulé 2015, European City of Sports, and for the programming of the Cine-teatro Louletano and curatorship of the Gallery of the Convento do Espírito Santo. He founded DeVIR, association of cultural activities and created CAPa, Performing Arts Centre of the Algarve, the “a sul" International Festival of Contemporary Dance and the festival “encontros do DeVIR”.