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23 February| Auditório do Solar da Música Nova, Loulé | 15h00 18h00 | free admittance 

denounce the present, discuss the future conference
Amaria Hakem arab linguist Algeria
Filipe Duarte Santos CNADS's president Portugal
Luaty Beirão activist Angola
Marisa Matias european parliement deputy Portugal
Suleiman Baraka UNESCO Chairman Astronomy for Peace Palestine
Vítor Aleixo Mayor of Loulé Portugal

to denounce the present, to discuss the future may be to reflect on the role of women from the example of feminine emancipation, from a conservative society such as Algeria, or knowing the history of those who lived in an occupied territory, where to survive means to believe in change and overcome the death of beloved ones that succumbed to occupier’s bombardments.

It is also to hear the voice of those who criticize, discuss, influence and propose alternatives to the present, capable of influencing the future. From Angola we welcome those who felt the responsibility of fighting for freedom of expression and democracy.

Values that underlay the work of a poet who said in his time what still could be written today.

We also shed some light into the environmental and climate changes, unavoidable issues that decisive for the future of the planet.