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CAPa centro de artes performativas do algarve

rua Frei Lourenço de Santa Maria nº 4 e 6

8000-352 Faro | Portugal

telefone/fax: (+351) 289 828 784

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5 April| Cine-Teatro Louletano, Loulé

6 April| Centro Cultural de Lagos 21h30 | m/10 | 70 min | ticket5€  

27 April| CAPa Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, Faro 21h30 | m/12 | 60 min | ticket 6€  


Irregulars  Fabio Palmieiri Itlaly story by Cyrille Kabore production: P.P.P. NOTWORKINGFILMS Music: Traditional African Music sound design and mixing: Fabio Palmieri


Each year 40.000 people from Africa, Asia and Middle East, try to enter Europe. They flee from war, persecution and poverty. Since the ways by land have been interrupted, they board overloaded vessels and face a dangerous and often deadly voyage across the Mediterranean.