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13 April| Teatro das Figuras, Faro | 21h30 | m/10 | 60 min | ticket5€ 

We love arabs Hillel Kogan Israel

national premiere

text and choreography Hillel Kogan performed by Adi Boutrous, Hillel Kogan lights Amir Castro music Kazem Alsaher, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart artistic advisers Inbal Yaacobi, Rotem Tashach

the comical story of a Jewish choreographer who needs an Arab dancer to create a show that carries a message of coexistence and peace.
An (successful) endeavour that demolishes the wall of prejudice, and an examination of everyday behaviour that is executed with humour and subtlety. This show is as rare as it is necessary: intelligent, well thought-out, funny and laconic.
Nevertheless essential are his funny and concise view of politics and his artistic research.

We Love Arabs opens on the silhouette of a lone man swathed in light and shade.
It is Hillel Kogan himself. He is standing on one foot in a meditative posture, staring at nothing. As the light intensifies, the atmosphere of his chiaroscuro meditation dissolves and Kogan begins to roam the stage, preoccupied by an activity that we soon grasp as being dance.