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23 February| Cine-Teatro Louletano, Loulé | 21h30 | m/10 | 60 min | ticket 5€ concert  

For those who like to translate everything into simple equations: IKOQWE = Ikonoklasta (Iconoclast) a rapper who became an iconic activist known as Luaty Beirão + Pedro Coquenão, who has been into music, dance, visual, plastic and radio arts under the Batida alias.

For the minimalist: making beats and rhymes.
For the geographic: between Angola, Portugal and the rest of the Planet.
For the journalist without vocation:: just copy/paste bits from the links below.
Ikonoklasta Batida

For political parties: no affiliations. Civil initiative and critical thinking.
For networks and mass media, the topics are:
Inequities, Identities, Migrations, Misrepresentations,
Neo-Colonialism and Compliances.
For all others: brain tickling, lower belly liberation, feet on the ground,
a closed fist in the air and an open and warm heart inside.
Love and Utopia, as the future.
On gender: each one has one or as many as desired.